About Us


My friends grew up in Mongolia. Mongolia is very cold, but they have the most beautiful smiles. Because Mongolia has the best "soft gold"-cashmere. Cashmere gave them the softest warmth. We are thinking, why don't we deliver these best cashmere to you?

Mongolia Cashmere

We have been committed to the production of 100% high-quality pure cashmere products. From selecting cashmere, yarn into pure cashmere products, we adhere to the concept of sincerity and truth, and at the same time achieve the ultimate lightness and warmth of cashmere.

We are keen to improve the sustainable development of the wool industry and are proud of our sustainable cashmere. The development concept we make today will affect our global environment and the future of future generations.

Natural cashmere makes the scarf looks luxury, signature and high quality.

Get rid of the heavy scarves now. Feel this featherlight baby.

100% cashmere from goat makes the scarf ultra-breathable.