Cashmere vs Wool

When it comes to winter warmth, everyone must immediately associate it with cashmere vs wool? Often people confuse “cashmere” and “wool”, mistakenly thinking that cashmere is fine wool.

Classic solid color cashmere scarf

As the temperature gradually drops, it is time to stock up on various winter warmth items. Do you like to wear cashmere scarves in winter? Then do you know which colors of cashmere scarves are the best to match? Let’s take a look!

How to wash Burberry cashmere scarf

Burberry cashmere scarf also welcomed by many people, and Burberry cashmere scarf has been wearing after a period of time will become dirty, so how exactly should we clean it?

The comfort of cashmere tracksuit

Sports suit consisting of sweatshirt and pants in pure cashmere tracksuit.
Cashmere tracksuit originated as sportswear, today the sports suit presents a new style that is elegant, exclusive, and refined. This Cashmere tracksuit of simple and everlasting design is made of smooth knitted pure cashmere.

Why is cashmere warm

Cashmere is a layer of fine, thick fleece that grows at the root of the goat’s wool to protect it from the cold during the harsh winter. The colder the weather, the thicker the fleece and the longer the fibers grow. Therefore, cashmere warm made from cashmere fiber has strong warmth retention. High moisture absorption and comfortable to wear. Cashmere has the strongest moisture absorption capacity of any fiber, with moisture regain rate of about 15%.n.

What is cashmere color

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“Cashmere color” is a delicate beige and the lightest shade among the trend colors. Colored white proves to be a true all-rounder, suitable for any decoration.

How to clean kids cashmere sweater

Various styles of kids cashmere sweater are coming into the lives of children, and kids cashmere sweater are becoming the warmest piece of clothing in children’s closets.

Warm cashmere socks

Cashmere socks are more comfortable and warm than normal fibers because of their unique composition of a scaled layer on the surface that firmly locks in body heat.