Chanel cashmere scarf true and false

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Chanel cashmere scarf imitation goods more and more, for these imitation goods we have to resolutely resist, today tell you a way to identify Chanelcashmere scarf the true and false, after encountering fake goods will not be fooled!


Chanel cashmere scarf

Chanel cashmere scarf


Chanel cashmere scarf hangtags

Each genuine Chanel cashmere scarf hangtags show the main information, that is, important details of origin and texture, describing the characteristics of goods such as color, origin, product number, size information are displayed in detail on the hangtags.

Distinguish Chanel cashmere scarf specific methods.

Chanel cashmere scarf hand feel

Generally speaking, authentic Chanel scarves are pure cashmere plush silk texture, feel with your hands and have a texture smooth, from the material is easy to distinguish.

Chanel cashmere scarf the workmanship

Authentic Chanel scarf line is very meticulous, no obvious roughness with your hands, in addition, CHANEL car line is car line process, it is basically impossible to appear threads, so there are threads appear then we should pay attention.

Chanel cashmere scarf

Chanel cashmere scarf

Chanel cashmere scarf the packaging

Authentic Chanel packaging contains instructions, scarf dust bag, packaging hard box, sold detail card, and packaging tote. The sale details card is handwritten, which has the date of sale, serial number, counter stamp.

Chanel’s double C is also the use of a machine to flower, so this double C is symmetrical, and LOGO silkscreen, can be magnified many times is still clearly visible, the color is uniform.

Chanel cashmere scarf and its product features.

Double C: in the Chanel clothing buckle or leather buckle, can easily find the coco Chanel double C overlapping and designed out of the logo, which is the Chanel fans for the crazy “spiritual symbol”.

The first generation of Chanel leather goods became more and more popular, and its three-dimensional diamond-shaped chequered pattern gradually became one of the symbols of Chanel, and was constantly used in the new Chanel clothing and leather goods. Later even applied to the design of the watch, especially the “Tallassee” series, k gold and stainless steel metal strap, and even shaped into a three-dimensional “diamond pattern”.

Camellia: “Camellia” is already the “national flower” of the kingdom of Chanel. Whether it is spring and summer or autumn and winter, it is designed into a variety of materials in addition to the camellia jewelry, but also often used in the fabric pattern of clothing.

Chanel cashmere scarf

Chanel cashmere scarf

Chanel cashmere scarf price

Chanel cashmere scarf range from $400 to $1500 in brick-and-mortar stores.
Representing the world’s first-class infinite creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. As Ms. Chanel said: “Fashion is fleeting, but the style is forever”.

The trademark of the counterfeit Chanel cashmere scarf uses a mechanical sewing machine to sew both sides with a dense stitch directly onto the scarf, which itself damages the aesthetics.

The authentic Chanel cashmere scarf logo is hand-sewn using a four-point fixation to the scarf with an end-gauge needle to ensure maximum product integrity.

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