How To Identify Quality Cashmere Coat

You can recognize good quality in cashmere coats by the fact that the material feels soft and firm in your hands at the same time and springs back elastically when you tug at it. If the fabric is cool and slightly shiny, you are most likely holding a coat made of synthetic fibers.

Cashmere Coat

Cashmere Coat

The most beautiful cashmere coats

When it comes to cashmere, quality has a particularly important place. Rarely is a material counterfeited more often. With us you will find great cashmere coats at a glance:

How to recognize quality in cashmere coats

When it comes to clothes made of cashmere, you should definitely check if the quality is right, after all, you want to enjoy your cashmere coat for a long time. These tips will help you do just that:


The shoulders are fuller and more rounded. This requires shoulder stepping with the pull line ironing method and pulling the sleeve hole area for detailed ironing.


The collar seat should be flat and straight, and only the soft double-sided tweed is first to cut into two pieces of fabric with a very smooth surface, and then glued to the double-sided lining for sewing to achieve such high quality.


The pocket position is absolutely symmetrical and uniform, and the height is consistent with the clothes more closely. To achieve this point need to make the pockets first on the front piece of clothing, and then sew the front piece, back piece, and sleeves together into a garment.

Stitching Stop

Adopt a unique hidden stitching method to make the stitches fine and even without revealing or wrinkling. Increase the sticky lining link to make the stitching more solid and bone-like, and the thickness is even.

Hand knotting

The knot is hand-pierced several times to make the knot consistent on the front and back of the coat and more solid and beautiful.

The right cashmere coat for your figure type

Cashmere coats

Cashmere coats

When choosing your cashmere coat, make sure that it suits your figure type, because the different cuts can either flatter your silhouette or make you look unflattering, depending on how you are built. Which coats suit your figure, we have summarized for you here:

The hourglass type

Women’s coat in pure cashmere
Hourglass types should emphasize their waist!

For many women, the hourglass is considered the ideal image of the female figure. If you have a narrow waist and yet pronounced feminine curves, you correspond to this figure type. Among other things, this model fits your feminine figure:

Put the focus on your waist, for example, with a wide belt.
The coat should reach at least the middle of the thigh.
Coats in trench coat style emphasize your feminine figure.

The pear type

Women of this figure type have feminine hips, round buttocks, and strong thighs, but in comparison, they have a narrow torso with a slim waist, flat stomach, and petite upper arms. This type of cashmere coat looks especially good on you:

Emphasize your shoulder area, for example, with shoulder pads.
Don’t wear short coats that end at the widest part of your hips, go for longer cuts or trench coats.
Generous collars look especially good on you.

The apple type

Apple types are characterized by slender legs, broad, rounded shoulders, and a voluptuous bust. If you are an apple type, your problem zone is quite often your belly, so it is important to visually stretch your upper body. With this cashmere coat you are perfectly styled:
Short coats emphasize your beautiful legs, don’t hide them under too long coats.
A coat with a fancy A-line looks especially good on you.
Better not reach for trench coats and egg-shaped coats, they put too much focus on your midriff.

The tube type

Cashmere duffle coat for women
Egg shape coats are ideal for the tube type!
Tubes, as the name suggests, have a straight physique with few curves. The Upper and lower body has about the same circumference, waist butt and hips are not very pronounced.

This figure type is very slim but often looks tomboyish due to the lack of curves. With this coat type you conjure up a more feminine figure:

Egg shape models look especially good on you because they give volume to your body center.
The coat should reach a maximum of the middle of the thigh.
Hoods and ruffles conjure up more curves.
Combine cashmere coat stylishly

Cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarf

A matching scarf made of cashmere is usually an ideal match for a cashmere coat.

A high-quality cashmere coat is a real eye-catcher in winter, which can be combined in many ways.

We have put together a few suggestions for you on how to create a great look with your cashmere coat:

For a casual everyday look, you can combine your cashmere coat with jeans and a matching colored crew-neck sweater. Pair it with sneakers or lace-up shoes.

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