How To Store Cashmere Sweaters ?

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Since the garments made usually have quite a high price, of course, you want to enjoy them as long as possible. That is why it is very important to care for them properly. However, this very topic was also raised again and again in the comments – many shy away from the care of cashmere sweaters.

cashmere sweaters

Cashmere sweaters

The proper care of cashmere sweater – washing, storage & repair

The wintry weather has been with us for a few days now and with it, warm pieces have once again taken the front places in our closet. A thick wool coat, several layers of tights, and a cozy scarf belong to the obligatory look for the cold days. I also like to fall back on natural fibers and so especially clothes made of wool and cashmere sweater currently play a big role for me.

At first glance, I also had a little respect for the extra effort, but I think that this is a topic with which one – especially as a fashion blogger and generally fashion lover – should nevertheless deal. After all, what good are the most beautiful clothes if you do not take care of them and do not enjoy them for a long time?

Exactly, for this reason, I would like to provide you today with some tips on what you need to consider when caring for a cashmere sweater and how you can help your favorite pieces to a, particularly long life!

The care of cashmere sweaters begins with the right cleaning.

Cashmere sweater ventilation

Even the most beautiful favorite piece needs to be cleaned at some point. Since cashmere sweaters are quite similar to human hair in their fine structure, there are a few things to keep in mind when washing them. In general, cashmere sweaters should rather be aired after wearing them by storing them in the fresh air for 24 hours. This way, the fibers can straighten up again and you avoid washing it too often, which can shorten its life.

Cashmere sweater cleaning

Should it still need to be washed, machine washing is, contrary to what you might think at first, the gentler option compared to hand washing. At a low temperature of about 30° Celsius, your favorite piece is first turned inside out before being washed in the drum, which is no more than half full and spun at a low speed. Under no circumstances should you use normal mild detergent, as this is too aggressive for the fine fibers. Instead, a wool detergent – alternatively, so-called cashmere sweaters soap can also be used – brings perfect results here, likewise, fabric softener should be completely avoided, as this also damages the fibers.

Cashmere sweaters to dry

After washing, the piece is removed from the machine and placed on a dry towel, pulled into shape, and dried lying down. Under no circumstances should you put the cashmere sweaters piece to dry in the sun, in the dryer, or on the heater, otherwise there is a risk that the fibers will be damaged by the excessive heat or even shrink. You should also not let the damp cashmere sweater favorite dry on a hanger, as it will be stretched by its own weight – unless you are willing to take risks and want to try to lengthen your favorite sweater, which is a bit too short.

Cashmere sweater ironing

After the garment has dried lying down, it should finally be steamed up a little with a steam iron – not ironed – so that the fibers can regenerate optimally. To do this, the steam iron is held over the piece at a slight distance so that the escaping steam can penetrate the fibers. So you can simultaneously achieve that the pieces less lint.

orange cashmere scarf womens

orange cashmere scarf womens

Store cashmere sweater properly

In general, cashmere sweaters should only be stored lying down due to their delicate fibers, otherwise, they can lose their shape. In order to preserve the cuddliness of your favorite cashmere sweater piece for as long as possible, it is also important to store it in a dark and not too warm place. Personally, I store my favorite pieces in the closet in a dark fabric box with a zipper from the Swedish furniture store I trust, in which they can not only be stored well lying, but also protected from light.

Protect cashmere sweater

Not only when storing cashmere sweater is a few things to consider, so that the pieces remain beautiful for a long time. You also have to arm them against probably the worst enemy of all wool and cashmere sweater pieces: the pesky moths. Fortunately, there are some good and natural ways to do this, such as small garment bags with lavender, which are placed between the individual pieces or distributed in the closet. However, if you don’t like the smell of lavender, you can also use a much more discreet option and use small slices of cedarwood, which are distributed in the closet. This way, your cuddly treasures are guaranteed to be protected against uninvited holes without the use of chemicals.

Especially recommended is the above-mentioned dark softbox from the favorite Swedish – so you can spatially “close” the good pieces and even in this box with the appropriate means (I reach here to the lavender sachets) to protect against the nasty moths.

Knots and lint cashmere sweater

The dearest piece has been in use for a few weeks and already the first small nodules and lint appear, which cloud the mood. However, these are not, as you might think at first, a sign of inferior quality or workmanship, but arise due to the particularly fine structure of cashmere sweater yarn by loose fine hairs that knot when worn.

Unfortunately, this cannot be completely prevented, but the knots can be easily removed with a cashmere sweater comb, a lint shaver, or by hand – of course, you should be careful not to repeat the procedure too often and not to damage the fabric.

A hole in your favorite piece cashmere sweater

Even though you take good care of your favorite piece, it still happens – a hole in the cashmere sweater piece! Personally, I would not do it myself but turn to a specialist. Simply ask in the sewing room of his confidence, whether they can “plug” the fine cashmere sweater piece or whether they know someone who offers professional help here.

Especially since sustainability – and of course the higher price compared to synthetic fibers – plays an increasingly important role, you should not simply dispose of your favorite pieces of a cashmere sweater, but invest in the care and repair – so that you can really enjoy it for a long time.

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