How to wash cashmere?

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The luxurious fiber from the cashmere goat is soft, delicate, and pleasantly light – but also quickly strained. So the question arises: how should cashmere be washed?
In the machine or clean by hand wash cashmere?  And what about drying? Can you iron cashmere?

wash cashmere

wash cashmere

Washing cashmere: How to care for cashmere products

You have treated yourself to a piece of fine cashmere and do not know how to wash cashmere? Here are the best tips and tricks for cashmere care!

Cashmere is one of the most comfortable and noble materials ever. Cashmere wool is a very fine natural fiber. It is obtained from the soft and delicate under the hair of the cashmere goat and is very expensive.

All the worse when our favorite pieces come out of the wash warped, full of knots, and simply unsightly. To prevent this, you should consider a few things when washing cashmere.

cashmere hat, cashmere scarf, and gloves: How to wash your cashmere accessories properly

Hats, gloves, and scarves not only add the finishing touches to a look in terms of styling but also keep us wonderfully warm.

But as wind, cold, wetness, and snow get to us, the winter accessories are also put under a lot of strain. And as soon as cashmere hats, cashmere scarves, and the like get really shaggy and knotty, the coziness and style factor is gone.

That’s why it’s all the more important to care for winter accessories made of delicate fabrics like wool or cashmere properly and, above all, to clean them properly.

Care instructions: How to wash your cashmere scarf

Cashmere is soft, cashmere is cozy. And: cashmere does not forgive mistakes. Sounds nasty, but it’s actually true – at least when it comes to washing. Because the finest wool in the world requires particularly gentle care. In the washing machine, you should absolutely wash scarves or other parts of cashmere with a gentle wool program at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Washing cashmere: How to clean cashmere wool in the machine

1. wash your cashmere clothes in the washing machine in the hand or wool wash program at a maximum of 30 degrees.

2. do not turn cashmere clothes inside out before washing!

3. be careful not to fill the washing machine with more than 3-4 pieces of cashmere.

4. do not spin or spin only at low speed (maximum 600 rpm).

Which detergent is the best for cashmere wool?

For your cashmere wool, it is best to use a liquid wool detergent or a special detergent for cashmere. This has a particularly refatting effect and does not contain bleaching agents. If you don’t have any detergent on hand, you can also use good hair shampoo. Fabric softener, however, is taboo for cashmere laundry!

Wash cashmere by hand: Do not scrub!

Cashmere clothing can also be washed by hand, even though it is usually not recommended. However, particularly heavy knits made of cashmere should never be hand washed.

For hand washing, put clothes in the sink with a little wool detergent in lukewarm water.

Make sure that the water is not too hot: 30 degrees should not be exceeded.

Now you can gently squeeze the wool to remove stains. Please do not rub or scrub – this would damage the delicate fibers and mat the fabric.

In the end, rinse clothes thoroughly with clean water.

How often can I wash cashmere?

Cashmere is relatively delicate. For this reason, you should wash your cashmere scarf or sweater only when it is really necessary. If you wash your cashmere favorites too often, the fabric can become deformed or roughened.

Rule of thumb: Wash cashmere after every fourth wear. Especially if no soiling is visible, it is sufficient to let the sweater air out in the fresh air to remove unpleasant odors.

Drying cashmere wool properly: Please only horizontally!

After washing, you should never put your cashmere clothing in the dryer. This can cause shrinkage and felting of the delicate fabric. Cashmere fabric, like wool, prefers to dry lying down. To do this, first, roll the cashmere garment in a soft towel to soak up the excess moisture in the wash. Please do not wring it out – this could distort the fibers. Instead, prefer to just gently squeeze.

Then put cashmere on a clothes horse (you can use the towel as a base). If hung up, the natural fabric would lose its shape. Sun or warm heating air can also damage the fabric.

Can I iron cashmere?

Cashmere does not normally need to be ironed. If it does, place a cotton cloth between the iron and the garment and use the lowest temperature. Then gently, without pressure, run the iron over the wrinkled fabric to smooth it out.

How do I store cashmere?

Even when cashmere garments are dry, the rule is: never hang them up, only store them lying down! Lay the garments loosely together without crushing the fibers. Also, pieces should always be on top of each other, so never pile other garments on top of cashmere.

Cashmere and pilling: how to remove small knots

Since cashmere wool is a natural material, the formation of small knots, the so-called pilling, is unfortunately unavoidable. Especially in stressed areas, such as the sleeves, the annoying fluff is particularly likely to form – even high-quality cashmere is not spared.

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