How to wash Burberry cashmere scarf

Burberry cashmere scarf is a very British traditional style of a luxury brand, with its multi-level product line to meet the needs of consumers of different ages and gender.

Burberry symbolizes the British culture, the most classic of this brand is the trench coat, in addition to the trench coat, also has a relatively good quality Burberry cashmere scarf, also welcomed by many people, and Burberry cashmere scarf has been wearing after a period of time will become dirty, so how exactly should we clean it?

Burberry cashmere scarf

Burberry cashmere scarf


Burberry was founded in 1856, the past decades, Burberry mainly to produce raincoat, umbrella and silk scarf, and now Burberry emphasizes the British traditional noble design, win the hearts of countless people, become a timeless brand.

Every year Burberry products are always unique and new attracting a lot of stars worship, if you are the pursuit of models and high requirements for quality, Burberry will be a good choice for you.


A cashmere scarf is a garment made from cashmere. Cashmere scarves are divided into pure cashmere scarves and blended cashmere scarves. Pure pashmina scarves contain 100% cashmere fibers, but blended pashmina scarves are available because of the variation in the form of cashmere fibers and the non-anthropogenic mixing of wool.

The price of blended cashmere scarves is also cheaper. Many people find it difficult to distinguish between cashmere and acrylic, but there are still major differences between acrylic and cashmere, for example, acrylic is lighter than cashmere and is not as soft as cashmere when colored.

In addition, acrylic burns with black smoke and a special smell, and the ashes are spherical after burning; while cashmere burns with hair scorching smell, and the ashes become powder after burning.

Burberry cashmere scarf hand feel

Genuine Burberry cashmere scarf selection of cashmere from Angola and Inner Mongolia, its feel is very light and soft, elastic. Fake Burberry cashmere scarf feels a little astringent and not wool, there should be some cotton and chemical fiber, there is no elasticity, feel harder.

The genuine Burberry cashmere scarf is England’s best-selling international brand for 100 years, selected from pure cashmere from Angola and pure cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

To the highest level of raw cashmere materials and then strictly screened, in the use of rarely used warp and weft weaving method, so that its products are very tight and not deformed in order to be known around the world, a century of enduring.

Washing of Burberry cashmere scarf

Burberry cashmere scarf fabric shrinks and deforms in water solution above 30 degrees, so the washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.

Burberry cashmere scarfSoak with neutral detergent for 10-15 minutes, then pat, rubbing is strictly prohibited.

Burberry cashmere scarf if the soiling is serious, extend the soaking time or send it directly to the dry cleaner for cleaning.

Burberry cashmere scarf or wool and other fiber blended clothing, dry cleaning is recommended; not alkali-resistant, if the water washing is appropriate to use neutral non-enzymatic detergent, preferably using a special detergent for wool.

Burberry cashmere scarf if you use a washing machine to wash, it is advisable to use a drum washing machine, choose a soft program. If you wash by hand, it is best to gently rub and wash, not to use the scrubbing board to scrub.

Direct dry cleaning of Burberry cashmere scarf

Burberry cashmere scarf if particularly dirty, we can go directly to the dry cleaners to clean, so dry cleaning is very clean, and will not have a lot of damage, if you wash with water, we try to choose to buy wool special detergent, if you use the washing machine to clean, it is best to choose the drum washing machine, hand washing, it is best to gently scrub, do not force too much.



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