What is cashmere color

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“Cashmere color” is a delicate beige and the lightest shade among the trend colors. Colored white proves to be a true all-rounder, suitable for any decoration.

Cashmere color

Cashmere color

Cashmere color use of life

Cashmere color is not only used in clothing, but also in the performance of clothing color with the unique beauty of cashmere color.

In home decoration, the beauty expressed by cashmere color is what we all love. Such as cashmere colored cabinets, cashmere colored walls, cashmere colored sofas bring us a comfortable beauty.

Trend color cashmere

The cream tone combines all the riches you want from a trendy living atmosphere: the warmth, brightness, liveliness, mood, and quiet friendship.

Cashmere color wraps up like a cozy blanket. And that’s why it goes so well with all wellness oases at home: in the bedroom and in the bathroom. Cashmere color luxury for everyone.

Cashmere raw material and source of cashmere color

In order to withstand the cold, goats in alpine regions grow a thin layer of fine fleece close to their skin to lock in the air and keep them warm during winter. The colder the climate, the richer the cashmere grows, and the longer the fibers.

This is why Cashmere color is considered to be a gem of fiber, as it is superior to all other textile materials currently available to mankind, and because it accounts for only 0.2% of the world’s total animal fiber production, it is also known as soft gold, as it is priced in grams.

Classification of cashmere color

cashmere color, White Cashmere

White Cashmere color is the cashmere that grows on white goats (as in the picture above, the picture is a bit yellowish due to the light, but it is actually white). The world’s major white cashmere-producing areas are in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China, and the Albas white cashmere goat, which grows in the Ertok grassland, is famous in China and abroad.

This type of goat has a high yield of fleece, and its fineness, length, tensile strength, stretching power, and luster are excellent.

cashmere color, Green Cashmere

Green velvet is the velvet that grows on the green sheep (as shown above, black and white bicolor goat, whose Cashmere color is composed of two kinds of fibers and has a green appearance) and brown and red goats, which is produced less in China, mainly in Xilingol and Ulanqab in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Green velvet has high tensile strength, good luster, and long fibers, but the disadvantage is that the color is dark and the fibers are coarse.

cashmere color, Violet cashmere

Purple velvet is the velvet of the black goat (as shown above), which is not the velvet of the purple goat. The purple velvet produced in Wuzheng Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is of good quality, as people in the industry know.

The characteristics of purple velvet are “purple color, thin and long fiber, soft performance, fine color, thick fat, high tension, good luster, high velvet content”. However, because of the dark color, it cannot be processed into light-colored cashmere products, so the price is relatively low.

But sometimes, due to the market supply and demand, the color ratio will also fluctuate, and the clothing made of natural purple velvet has a special taste!

Cashmere color Scarf

apricot 100 Cashmere Scarf

apricot 100 Cashmere Scarf

An extremely cozy and lightweight but all-natural scarf crafted by harnessing the world’s best hair – Mongolian Cashmere. Classic pure color with fringed design.100% cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

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