Womens Cashmere Scarfs Types

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Are you looking for a high quality cashmere scarf woman that fits you perfectly? With us, you will find the most beautiful scarves made of the finest cashmere.

Womens Cashmere Scarfs

Womens Cashmere Scarfs

Find the perfect Women cashmere scarfs

When choosing a cashmere scarf women, in addition to a quality check, you should also pay attention to whether your new accessory flatters your figure. After all, similar to a cashmere sweater, scarves also have a non-negligible effect on your silhouette.

However, what matters here is less the scarf itself than the way you tie it. The following tips will help you set the ideal scene for your figure type with your new cashmere scarf women:

Women cashmere scarfs for pear types

This figure type is characterized by narrow shoulders, a slim waist, and a flat stomach. The hip area is flared, the buttocks are rounded and the thighs are rather strongly predisposed.

The key here is to create a balance between the upper and lower body. That’s why you should make sure to give your shoulder area as much volume as possible.

You can do this by draping your cashmere scarf wide and across your shoulder. This intricate wrap style will distract from your hip area and showcase your upper body well.

Women cashmere scarfs for apple types

Uncomplicated can look great too!

If you are an apple type, you have broad, rounded shoulders, a voluptuous bust, and slender legs.

Your problem area is your stomach, where you are most likely to put on fat. For you, the key is to stretch your upper body.

You can achieve this with Women’s cashmere scarf styles where both ends of the cashmere scarf hang down long, creating long vertical lines.

Your broad, rounded shoulders will make the scarf look super. It’s best to add color accents to achieve the greatest possible effect.

Women cashmere scarfs for tubes types

Tubes are characterized by their straight physique. Upper and lower body are about equally proportioned, waist, buttocks, and hips are not very pronounced. Tubes are very slim, but would often like to have more curves.

You can visually add these by tying your cashmere scarf around your neck and letting the ends hang down waterfall style.

Or, wrap your scarf diagonally to your waist by folding the scarf in half, creating a loop through which you can thread the ends. This will make the waist look narrower.

Women cashmere scarfs for hourglass types

No matter what figure – used correctly, a scarf is a real highlight

You have a narrow waist, but still feminine curves? Then you are the hourglass type.

Since you are already very well-proportioned, it is important that you do not create any particularly voluminous zones, otherwise, your proportions will look unbalanced.

Cashmere scarves that you drape over your shoulders like a stole look especially good on you. This way your shoulders will appear less powerful and you will look very elegant.

CombineWomen cashmere scarfs in style

A cashmere scarf enhances any outfit, especially if you know how to put it in the right scene.

Almost any outfit can be fashionably enhanced with a cashmere scarf. With these tips, you can add the finishing touches to your look with a cashmere scarf:

When wearing patterned scarves, wear colors that are also in the pattern with it, or a neutral color like black or white.
Add a pop of color with a scarf in your favorite color.

is cashmere scarf warm

is cashmere scarf warm

Classic plaid Burberry style cashmere scarves go great with classy outfits, such as black or dark blue wool coats.
Soft natural shades like sand, beige, or anthracite look especially chic in combination with berry tones or old pink.
Cheerful colorful cashmere scarves go well with low-key outfits and vice versa.

If you are looking for an accessory for cold winter days, you definitely won’t go wrong with a women’s cashmere scarf. Look for a model that you like and make sure it is of good quality or has a high cashmere content. Important: Cashmere clothing needs regular wear breaks, so you can enjoy it for a long time!

How to recognize a fakes cashmere scarf?

The price is the first indication of the authenticity of the material.

Cashmere is expensive and therefore represents an ideal product for counterfeiters to make high profits. These fakes are becoming more and more sophisticated and often the fraud is only visible under a microscope.

However, there are a few simple tricks you can use to avoid being taken in by the counterfeiters, even as a layman:

Quality has its price, especially with cashmere products. Consider that a kilo of cashmere wool in its unprocessed state already costs about 200 USD. A scarf around only 20 USD can therefore purely arithmetically already not at all to hundred percent from Cashmere consist.

Pay attention to your feeling. If the fabric is slightly shiny and also feels cool on the skin, better leave it alone, because this is certainly viscose. Cashmere wool feels warm, but beware: just the warmth alone does not reliably indicate the noble material. It could just as easily be any other, lesser quality wool or synthetic fibers like polyethylene or polyester.

These tips will provide you with initial clues as to how high quality the cashmere scarf is. For even more tips and tricks on how to spot fakes, check out the article “What is cashmere.

Caring for Women cashmere scarfs properly

Cashmere is an extremely sensitive material. On the one hand, it convinces undisputed, cuddly soft properties, on the other hand, the material breaks down very quickly if cared for incorrectly. And that’s a pity because the good pieces are not exactly cheap.

For this reason, you should follow the tips below on how to properly care for cashmere products. We have summarized the most important tips as a practical checklist for you:

  • Do not wear the clothes permanently, let them rest in between.
  • Simple airing also dispels unpleasant odors.
  • Wash the scarf by hand with a little wool detergent or shampoo.
  • The water should not be more than 30 degrees.
  • Avoid rubbing and rubbing.
  • Gently squeeze the garment in a towel.
  • Better not put the scarf in the dryer.

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