Burberry cashmere scarf true or false how to distinguish

Burberry scarf cashmere imitation goods more and more, for these imitation goods we have to resolutely resist, today tell you a way to identify Burberry scarf cashmere the true and false, after encountering fake goods will not be fooled!

Burberry cashmere scarf

Burberry cashmere scarf

Burberry cashmere scarf price

Burberry scarves range from $400 to $1500 in brick-and-mortar stores. Divided length and material. The classic wool plaid model (130cm) is about $400 to $800 like this, longer (180cm or more) to $800 to $1500, $1500 on the general is limited models.

Britain is the cheapest because it is the origin. Generally more than 60 pounds to about 125 pounds, but the lowest in Bicester Village and Burberry factory can buy 45 pounds of scarves.

According to the price, the price below $400 can be good for a Burberry scarf, must think twice before buying.

Burberry cashmere scarf packaging box

Burberry cashmere scarf packaging box

Fake Burberry cashmere scarf box on the Logo “BURBERRY” using ordinary Heidelberg four-color printing, some simply bad printing machine manufacturing, while the authentic Burberry cashmere scarf box on the Logo “BURBERRY “using Heidelberg high-precision laser synchronization printing machine, a single machine cost $ 400,000. The use of laser anti-counterfeiting laser printing, with different light and color gradient colors.


The trademark of the counterfeit Burberry cashmere scarf uses a mechanical sewing machine to sew both sides with a dense stitch directly onto the scarf, which itself damages the aesthetics.

The authentic Burberry cashmere scarf logo is hand-sewn using a four-point fixation to the scarf with an end-gauge needle to ensure maximum product integrity.

The current new Burberry counterfeit just printed the trademark in blue or black, but Burberry regular authentic trademark manufacturing using fine computer embroidery process multi-layered preparation, using silk and hemp texture. Burberry counterfeit using simple computer woven trademark, rough dry hard chemical fiber raw material texture.

Burberry cashmere scarf hangtags

Each genuine Burberry cashmere scarf hangtags show the main information, that is, important details of origin and texture, describing the characteristics of goods such as color, origin, product number, size information are displayed in detail on the hangtags.

There is an “m”-like symbol in front of each item of information, and the symbols are randomly hollowed out and bolded in different locations at the end of the eight, mainly for anti-counterfeiting and internal monitoring.

Burberry cashmere scarf material

Burberry cashmere scarf material

Imitation Burberry cashmere scarf due to the poor selection of materials, the production of arbitrary, only the pursuit of appearance similar. Just made after the fluffy processing, in the time before the long-term washing, ironing, can not see the good or bad.

However, the imitation Burberry cashmere scarf wear a while after the original shape immediately burst out, by the limitations of textile technology and selection of materials, once ironed directly into flat, coarse fibers are all exposed. Once dry-cleaned, it depreciates, and because of the rough dyeing technique, the color is immediately distorted and the fleece gradually falls off.


Burberry cashmere scarf hand feel

Genuine Burberry cashmere scarf selection of cashmere from Angola and Inner Mongolia, its feel is very light and soft, elastic. Fake Burberry cashmere scarf feels a little astringent and not wool, there should be some cotton and chemical fiber, there is no elasticity, feel harder.

The genuine Burberry cashmere scarf is England’s best-selling international brand for 100 years, selected from pure cashmere from Angola and pure cashmere from Inner Mongolia.

To the highest level of raw cashmere materials and then strictly screened, in the use of rarely used warp and weft weaving method, so that its products are very tight and not deformed in order to be known around the world, a century of enduring.

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