Cashmere Scarf Is Suitable For All Seasons

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Fine and soft cashmere scarf, suitable for having it all year round.

Cashmere, the average fineness of high quality cashmere fiber is below 155 microns (higher than 95% of the same level), finer than the finest wool, and finer than other fibers such as mohair, alpaca, camel hair, etc. Because of the slimness, it will be soft, close to where it will feel the whole body by its kiss and touch embrace, and relax.

Cashmere scarf for better skin temperature regulation

Cashmere fiber appearance scales small and smooth, there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so its lightweight, feel smooth glutinous, skin-friendly very good wear light as nothing, like a second layer of skin can be worn close to the body. The cashmere scarf is worn close to the body, and human skin can quickly and automatically adjust the temperature of the skin physiology.

Pashmina scarves are suitable for all seasons and long-lasting companionship

Cashmere pashmina scarves are suitable for wearing all year round.

In sub-zero winter weather, a cashmere scarf keeps you warm and protected from the cold.

In spring and autumn, the soft material of the cashmere scarf can match any outfit.

In the summer twenty-something temperature, ultra-thin cashmere scarf according to its moisture absorption and breathable advantages, wear cashmere scarf can resist ultraviolet rays, summer in the room with air conditioning, cashmere scarf better protect our skin against wet and cold.

This high quality natural characteristic of cashmere is suitable for all seasons.

Advantages of Cashmere

Cashmere, taken from the finest and softest inner layer of fleece on the goat commonly known as diamond fiber, soft gold, soft, comfortable, and light.

How to describe it? Second skin, clouds, the softest smooth glutinous blah blah blah adjectives. In the fabric cashmere is definitely a warm and healing department If you say you can only choose one material for knitting in your lifetime, it is a pure cashmere scarf.

It really is possible to make other materials eclipsed not that it has much fancy have bright, just that soft care so that people can not refuse, others may not see the wearer really feels its good.

Cashmere is fine and soft

I always feel that cashmere is a very warm material, perhaps chemical fiber thermal underwear is also warm, but the warmth of cashmere is different it is warm fiber bend around to form a warm air layer wrapped around you and light and soft not stuffy so that people also feel strong in the heart.

Maybe I’m thinking too much, but I think cashmere is like that. The different levels of cashmere feel different, and the touch is quite different. Even if the street is full of cashmere high specification cashmere is still very few.

Cashmere is skin-friendly and slippery

The cashmere fiber has a small, smooth appearance and an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so it is light in weight, feels smooth, and is very skin-friendly, like a second skin that can be worn close to the body.

Wearing close to the body, and human skin can quickly and automatically adjust the temperature suitable for skin physiology. And compared with ordinary thermal underwear on the market, cashmere sweaters warm but not stuffy, comfortable, and not heavy.

Cashmere is warm and light

Cashmere is the finest and densest of animal fibers, with a high degree of natural curl, and is arranged closely in spinning and weaving, with good holding power, so it is 15-2 times warmer than wool. Cashmere is a thin, curved fiber, in which the fibers are hollow and therefore light, and forms an air layer that defends against cold air from outside, preserving body temperature from decreasing.

Cashmere is a long-lasting companion for all seasons

Cashmere can be worn for a long time, sub-zero weather to wear warm, spring and autumn a dozen degrees of weather inside the wear, two dozen temperature single wear also comfortable. High-count worsted and semi-worsted cashmere and a blend of high quality natural materials are also suitable for both spring and summer. A good cashmere can be used for a long time if it is well maintained.

Cashmere is durable and cost effective

A good cashmere will become softer and more wearable with proper wear and washing, and that’s what I like about it. There are some materials that are good at first and then get old and all kinds of problems come out.

And cashmere is very special, at first, its softcore is shrunken inside like a beauty inside the show, when you treat it well it will show you the most gentle side, with wear and wash fiber more and more soft velvet surface gradually out and warmth always the same it gives you is long time care.

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