The comfort of cashmere tracksuit

Sports suit consisting of sweatshirt and pants in pure cashmere tracksuit.
Cashmere tracksuit originated as sportswear, today the sports suit presents a new style that is elegant, exclusive, and refined. This Cashmere tracksuit of simple and everlasting design is made of smooth knitted pure cashmere.

cashmere tracksuit

cashmere tracksuit

Advantages of cashmere tracksuit

cashmere tracksuit are delicate and soft

The average fineness of high quality cashmere fiber is below 15.5 microns (higher than 95% of the same level), finer than the finest wool, and finer than other fibers such as mohair, alpaca wool, camel hair, etc. Because of the slimness, it will be soft, close to where it will feel the whole body by its kiss and touch embrace and relax.

I always feel that cashmere tracksuit is a very warm material, perhaps chemical fiber thermal underwear is also warm, but the warmth of cashmere is different It is warm The curves and bends of the fibers form a warm air layer around you Light and soft, not stuffy so that people also feel strong inside. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but I think cashmere is like that.

cashmere tracksuit skin-friendly and smooth

Cashmere fiber appearance scales small and smooth, there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so its lightweight, feel smooth, skin-friendly very good, wear as light as nothing, like a second layer of skin can be worn close to the body. Wearing close to the body, and human skin can quickly and automatically adjust the temperature suitable for skin physiology. And compared with ordinary thermal underwear on the market, cashmere tracksuit warm but not stuffy, comfortable, and not heavy.

cashmere tracksuit is warm and light

Cashmere is the finest and densest of animal fibers, with high natural curl, closely arranged in spinning and weaving, and good holding power, so it has good warmth, 1.5-2 times that of wool. Cashmere is a thin, curved fiber, in which the fibers are hollow and therefore light, and forms an air layer that defends against cold air from outside and keeps the body temperature from decreasing. If you feel cold in everything you wear, you might want to try a pure cashmere tracksuit.

Cashmere tracksuit for all seasons

Cashmere tracksuit is a long-lasting companion Cashmere can be worn for a very long time, below zero weather to keep warm, in spring and autumn, a dozen degrees of weather inside, two dozen temperature single wear also comfortable. High-count worsted and semi-worsted cashmere and a blend of high quality natural materials are suitable for both spring and summer. A good cashmere can be used for a long time if it is well maintained.

wash cashmere

wash cashmere

Cashmere tracksuit is durable and long-lasting

A good cashmere tracksuit will become softer and more wearable with the right amount of wear and washing, and that’s what I like about it. There are some materials that start out well and then get old and all kinds of problems come up. But cashmere is very special, at first, its softcore is shrunken inside, like a beauty inside, when you treat it well it will show you the most gentle side, with wear and wash the fibers become softer and softer, the velvet surface gradually come out and the warmth is always the same It gives you long-lasting care.

So with proper care, a piece of pure cashmere tracksuit can be worn for years. A pure cashmere product may be more expensive than other knitwear, but it is still very cost effective over time.

About cashmere tracksuit

The origin of cashmere

Cashmere, taken from the finest and softest inner layer of fleece on the goat commonly known as diamond fiber, soft gold, soft, comfortable, and light. How to describe it? Second skin, clouds, the softest and smoothest adjectives such as these.

In the fabric Cashmere is definitely the warm and healing department, and if there is only one material to choose from for a lifetime of knitting, it is a pure cashmere sweater. It really can make other materials eclipse, not that it has more fancy and bright, just that soft care so that people can not refuse, others may not see the wearer really feels it’s good.

The origin of sportswear

Sportswear is a garment dedicated to sports competitions. They are often designed and made according to the specific requirements of the sport. In a broader sense, it also includes clothing worn for outdoor sports activities.

Modern sportswear emerged in the mid-19th century. At that time, sports were becoming popular in Europe, so there were clothes designed for people who played sports such as hunting and golf.

In the 1890s, women in Europe also started to play tennis, cycling, and swimming, so tennis suits and sailors’ shirts with horizontal stripes became popular.

After the 20th century, the variety of sportswear continued to increase and quickly spread around the world.

Disadvantages of cashmere tracksuit

What about the disadvantages of a cashmere tracksuit? Rather than a disadvantage, it’s a feature.

Cashmere tracksuit can pucker

It is almost inevitable that cashmere will pucker a bit, due to its own fiber form. Not only cashmere other fibers such as wool, camel hair, and other natural animal fibers will be more or less pilling, washing and wearing time should be more careful.

Cashmere tracksuit production is low and the price is high

A goat can only produce less than a hundred grams of cashmere fiber, and the production of cashmere fiber is less than 0.2% of the fiber world, which is a very precious raw material. Because of the low yield and the complexity of the raw material processing, the price of cashmere sweaters is also relatively high.

Low strength of Cashmere tracksuit

The strength of cashmere fiber is weak. People who make cashmere have the experience that cashmere yarn will break when they pull it gently, while nylon yarn will not break when they pull it hard.

Therefore, a pure Cashmere tracksuit is not suitable for particularly complex patterns, and it is easy to pull the fibers to cause holes when knitting. The regular flat needle, meta needle, thread, simple stranded flower, etc. are more suitable for cashmere. People who wear cashmere will find that if a cashmere sweater is worn for too many years or if the local area, such as the elbow, is worn too much, it will break, which is also related to its weak strength.

There are two sides to everything, and to enjoy the comfort and warmth of the cashmere tracksuit, we must accept its delicate nature and give it patient care.



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