Top 10 Luxury Scarves Brands

This article takes stock of a number of the most expensive Scarves brands, summarizing the world’s top ten luxury brands scarves, including MALO, LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, VERSACE, CHANEL, HERMES, ARMANI, BURBERRY, Alexander McQueen, COACH, MULBERRY, etc., the following to recognize which brand of scarves are better!

cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarf


Italian cashmere luxury brand, founded in 1972 in Florence, boutiques opened in Italy, France, Spain, the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea. Currently focus on scarves, leather products, footwear, home furnishing series, the most expensive a ribbed scarf sold for 49,000 euros, about $60,000 yuan.

Malo cashmere production technology originated in Mongolia, and after spinning and dyeing in Italian workshops, the wool is made into cashmere. The final weave is carried out using traditional hand frames and modern machinery.

Louis Vuitton

Which brand of the scarf is better, Louis Vuitton’s prestige need not say, its Monogram scarf series is the most classic and most famous, the classic logo graphic design is popular to this day, recognizable, the design is not outdated.

The Monogram Giant pattern is presented in animal prints, using the jacquard process to weave organza on a large soft wool backing. The MONOGRAM printed shawl scarf and REYKJAVIK scarf under the series are worth buying. Currently the most expensive one COLD REYKJAVIK, priced at $2800.


Gucci’s classic scarf products such as the GG jacquard cashmere scarf, 100% cashmere, belong to the must-have models. Fuchsia and rose are ladies’ favorites, blue, gray, and black are most suitable for the workplace; GG jacquard pattern knitted wool scarf, excellent skin-friendliness; G diamond jacquard scarf, one of the iconic products for fall and winter 2020; gold and silver silk thread GG jacquard shawl, classic and versatile.

Currently, the most expensive camel hair cape scarf, using double crepe silk woven, decorated with bright and bright orange camel hair, had a stunning appearance in the 2021 early spring fashion show, priced at $ 2,780.


One of the top ten luxury brand scarves. Versace, a luxury brand from Italy, has created a unique fashion empire, and its fashion products have dominated almost every area of life, with its distinctive design style and unique aesthetics. Versace is good at using noble and luxurious fabrics, with the help of oblique cutting, in the hard geometric lines and soft body curves between the clever transition, the most expensive one FENDI MANIA wool silk-blend scarf for the exemplary work, priced at 1685 euros, about 2050 U.S. dollars.


Which brand scarf is better, one of the world’s top ten famous brand scarves Chanel always take the high-end route, its products fashionable and simple, pure style, gentle and comfortable, youthful and beautiful. “Popularity is fleeting, style is forever”, is still the guiding force behind the brand. Chanel has a wide range of products, not only famous for perfume and skincare products, but also scarves, which are loved by many people for their elegant, simple, and exquisite style, and currently, the most expensive Chanel scarf is priced at $1856.


With over 180 years of history so far, Hermes still adheres to traditional craftsmanship, with 17 product lines including bags, scarves, ties, men’s and women’s clothing and lifestyle art. The most expensive one, a striped rainbow long shawl scarf, is made of cashmere fibers treated with tie-dye and woven in Nepal using an ancient technique, and is priced at $1,800.

As one of the most expensive scarf brands, it is extravagant, conservative and dignified. The whole brand, from the whole to the details, and then to its boutiques, is permeated with a rich deep heritage centered on horse culture.


Founded in 1975 in Milan, Italy, Armani is known for its use of new fabrics and excellent production, products sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, its brand logo is a deformation of the eagle looking to the right.

Although Armani is most famous for watches, perfumes, and other products, in the field of scarves can not be underestimated, for the global scarf brand list of the top ten, the most expensive one Armani scarf is currently priced at $ 1700.


Extremely British traditional style of one of the top ten luxury brand scarves, multi-level product line to meet the needs of consumers of different ages and genders, its scarves and trench coats in the fashion circle galloping decades still endure, was the British royal family imperial goods.

Today there are many celebrities who are keen on Bobbery scarves, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Wu Qilong, Chen Bolin, Hou Peizen and so on. Currently the most expensive one monkey print light cashmere scarf, logo pattern light cashmere scarf, priced at $1200.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s clothing collection often incorporates elements of both poles in a wild way, such as soft and strong, traditional and modern. Each season is presented with a different artistic theme, which can be considered a fashion statement showing a unique attitude.

Floral designs, skull prints, thick-soled sneakers, “Heroine” bags, and other classic pieces have become the label of the brand and are highly recognizable. The most expensive one is BEATING HEART SKELETON, which is priced at USD 1100 with the theme of skull and bones of the king and queen.


American high-end lifestyle fashion brand, for men and women to provide exquisite accessories and gifts, product lines include scarves, handbags, bags, small leather goods, shoes, clothing, watches, perfumes, etc.

Coach represents the most praised innovative style and traditional approach of American fashion, winning consumers’ love with its simple and durable style features, and its products maintain a high quality level of superior materials and craftsmanship, which is the cornerstone of COACH’s success throughout the brand purpose. The most expensive scarf is currently priced at $610.

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