where to buy mens cashmere scarves

men’s cashmere scarves come in a variety of styles, and pashmina is one of the most suitable materials for making scarves, it is taken from cashmere, which is thin, soft, elastic, and has excellent warmth. Woven into a scarf is very thin, but the warmth is excellent, as a man if you have a real cashmere scarf is the perfect combination of comfort and fashion!

mens cashmere scarves

mens cashmere scarves

Burberry Men’s Cashmere Scarf

It has been one of the most famous scarf brands. Mobberley is a famous British luxury brand, founded in 1856, and is a British royalty brand. The iconic Bobberley check has been on scarves since 1967 and is popular today.

Burberry’s classic men’s cashmere scarf, the single most iconic product in fashion for decades trench coats, and men’s cashmere plaid scarves are still available.

Paul Smith Men’s Cashmere Scarf

Paul Smith is a brand from the U.K. Paul Smith men’s cashmere scarves are also known for their classic striped design. However, Burberry is the representative of British traditional style, while Paul Smith is known as the interpretation of British humor.

The brand was founded in 1970 with the idea of designing fashion for ordinary people, so it rarely sees out-of-the-ordinary designs in its house. The iconic striped pattern dilutes the monotony and seriousness of the scarf, just like a gentleman who is graceful yet mischievous.

It’s worth mentioning that the men’s cashmere scarf worn by the curl in the first season of “Sherlock” came from Paul Smith, and that dark blue scarf has been deeply rooted as the standard for the curl, so if you want to be more understated, you can try a plain cashmere scarf in the same color as the curl.

Loro Piana men’s cashmere scarf

Loro Piana is a senior brand from Italy, his men’s cashmere scarf to cashmere, camel hair (is the alpaca that family) material of woolen products famous, the brand claims to have the world’s best material sources and production requirements, its products are extremely concerned about wearing comfort.

Loro Piana men’s cashmere scarf price is also quite expensive, a scarf often thousands of dollars. Not bad money for high quality requirements of the value of friends can be more assured to choose this brand. This scarf material above is cashmere, silk material woven into the two-color scarf, the length of about 2 meters, soft and light texture, casual occasions and formal occasions are more applicable, brighter colors can reflect a more lively personality, fashion is stronger.

Cashmere scarf characteristics

men's cashmere scarf

men’s cashmere scarf

1. precious as gold: cashmere is the root of wool and the flesh above the fleece called cashmere, is a very precious textile raw materials, contentless, high quality, expensive, in the international market enjoys the “soft gold” reputation.

2. Soft texture, soft luster: cashmere scarf has fine, soft, and smooth excellent characteristics, the silk-like soft and bright natural luster, with a charming allure.

3. Light and warm: Cashmere fiber fineness is about 15 microns, so the fabric pattern is dense and thin, and has a natural curl, loose and light, and contains air, so the warmth is good.

4. Comfortable and elastic, cashmere scarf has good moisture absorption and breathability, surrounded by the neck, feel comfortable, with a unique feel, rich natural flavor of color.

Cleaning men’s cashmere scarf method



1, before washing the pashmina men’s scarf before its size will be measured well recorded. Cashmere products that are stained with coffee, juice, and bloodstains should be sent to a special laundry.

2, after washing the pashmina men’s scarf need to “over acid” (that is, wash the pashmina products in a solution containing an appropriate amount of glacial acetic acid soaking), in order to neutralize the residual soap and alkaline solution in the pashmina, improve the fabric luster, the wool fibers to play a protective role, in the “over acid” procedure if there is no glacial acetic acid can also be used instead of edible white vinegar, but after the acid also need to pass clear water.

3, with about 30 ℃ water rinsing cashmere men’s scarf clean, you can put the matching softener according to the number of instructions, the feel will be better.

4、Squeeze out the water inside the washed cashmere men’s scarf and put it into the net pocket to dehydrate in the washing machine’s dehydration cylinder.

5、Put the dehydrated cashmere scarf on a table with a towel quilt, use a ruler to measure it to its original size, and use your hands to sort it into a prototype to dry in the shade, do not hang it in the sun.

6, after drying, available medium temperature (140 ℃ or so) steam ironing flat ironing cashmere men’s scarf, iron, and cashmere products away from 0.5 ~ 1 cm distance, do not press on it, such as with other irons must be pad wet towel.

Cleaning men’s pashmina scarf remember three points

One, do not have hands wringing dry

Second, do not remember not to hang

Three, the jacquard or multi-color cashmere scarf should not be soaked, different colors of the cashmere scarf should not be washed together to avoid staining.

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